It Could Just Be Me

2 thoughts on “It Could Just Be Me”

  1. I think you should bring it up at around the 90 day mark, so that would be, I think, about the middle of next month. If things haven’t improved by that time, then I think it’s time to sit down with the boss and ask what steps he thinks should be taken. Yes, I understand that there’s a steep learning curve. At the same time, one should still be learning on that learning curve. If not, then it needs to be found out why and how to fix it.

    I think there’s a good deal of wisdom in that 90 day mark. It’s a good measure to see, and it gives her another four weeks to figure things out. I think I’m being to impatient, but she’s doing things even now which seem to be outside what she’s been told to do. Meanwhile, the “Hey, can you fix”es just keep coming. I’ve never had to do it so much in my career with this place, EVER…even when I did the ATRs.

    So 90 days seems like a good target, but I’m also going to include that week off in that 90. So it’s going to be closer to the end of next month when I see where we are again.

    Is it possible she … and I hate to say it like this, but is it possible she lied and just said what she thinks you wanted to hear to get the job? I’m disinclined to think that because your boss spoke with her former boss, however, it still seems that what she presented and what you’re seeing are 2 different things. Perhaps she simply has an elevated view of her strengths? She wouldn’t be the first person to think that way, lol.

    I doubt it. There’s always some inflation of strengths and weaknesses when selling oneself, but I think I’m probably not realistic in my expectations of her. I just don’t know what they SHOULD be, y’know?

    Either way, SHE needs to know that: so far, not so good. Perhaps if you mentioned how you’re seeing things play out, and that you’re planning on talking to the boss in a month to check on progress, might motivate her?

    It’s not a lack of motivation. We have to work with someone who’s almost an outsider on this. The difference might be an outsider would be more malleable in some ways. We’ll see what happens, and what my boss thinks. He’s meeting with her from time to time too.

    Praying for you, and this whole situation.
    LTY :*

    Thanks Babe, and LTY2^2!

  2. Oh ugh. You are reminding me why I hate being forced to hire and train new people. For the record, I had one who was constantly on the verge of being fired for a whole year, but she did eventually settle in and is now doing a good job. (Why was I so tolerant? a) she’s a real sweetie b) starting over again with another unknown might turn out worse.)

    Glad it’s not just me. (Subsequent posts clear up this one, though, as you now know. 🙂 ) But option B isn’t even available to us at this juncture. We’re sort of committed to making it work one way or another. 🙂

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