Public Birdbathroom

6 thoughts on “Public Birdbathroom”

  1. “Somebody else will clean it up. I don’t have to waste eleven additional seconds to clean up after myself.”


    Dollars to donuts, the culprit is an only child.

    Or several only children are doing it, but you’re likely right.

  2. I *guess* being messy when washing your hands is better than not washing your hands at all, but still. Forcing adults to act like adults is never going to happen. Especially in our current cultural climate where 30 is the new 20.

    Or the new 4. *eyeroll* Sheesh.



  3. Options: 1. Don’t wash your hands. 2. Line the entire formica area with paper, newsprint and cardboard and remove at the end of the day. 3. Turn the water pressure to a mere trickle. Just sayin . . .

    You forgot one. Here, I’ll fix it for you:
    4. Act like a grown up and either don’t make a huge mess, or clean up after yourself when you do.

    Just sayin’.

  4. Puddles of water are better than some other puddles I’ve seen in bathrooms. Just sayin’.

    Well, now, I have no choice but to agree with THAT one, Spark. 🙂 But…if you’re seeing those puddles on the SINK, you’ve got bigger problems. Just sayin’.

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