Loss Springs Forth

3 thoughts on “Loss Springs Forth”

  1. I know – many of these things have been on my mind, too. *hugs* I know it’s not easy.

    I know it’s worse on you. You’ve lost more. I couldn’t hold up as well as you did. I’m so, so sorry, Love.

    FWIW, you have 3 more days until the anniversary. She passed on the 30th. I think the 27th was stuck in your head because I mentioned it being my grandfather’s birthday. I still miss her too – all of them. *kiss*

    Oh, I could have SWORN it was the 27th. Well, just goes to show ya, you don’t always know things as well as you think you do. How do you know it’s the 30th?

    Yes, all of them. I’ve not forgotten the other ones either. 😦

    *kiss back* LTYxLTY

    1. I know it’s the 30th because of my date thing, and to double check, I looked up the email I sent telling someone about it, in which I said, “about 90 min ago …” and it was dated the 30th.


      Niiiiice… 🙂 Love you so.

  2. Anniversaries can be hard.

    The day in spring that is the most discomfiting for me is March 24, which is the birthday of my ex-husband. The loss of that marriage was something like a death, for me. Every time I have to write down or glance at the date on that day, I kind of go “Euh!” and get a little shudder. (Although he’s well and fine, re-married with two beautiful children, so that’s all good and I’m happy for him.)

    I can relate to that in some ways, Spark. A failed marriage IS like a death, and I think if more people treated it as seriously as you did, there’d be fewer divorces. And, nice to see you can still be happy for the ex without bitterness. 🙂

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