What Goes Around

3 thoughts on “What Goes Around”

  1. Cold comfort, but this will be solved either through outpatient or non-invasive treatment by the time your kids graduate college.

    I know we’ve said this for 300 years, and I realize the folly. But once the cure for cancer is squared away, I think you’ll see all the turrets of the battleships of research turning toward obesity.

    Here’s praying.

    Amen. Problem is, a lot of research shows many cancers can be treated successfully with proper diet. So…here’s praying.

  2. Wish I had words of comfort, Love. I still believe we’ll figure it out. LTY

    I wish I had them for YOU, Babe! Love you no matter the physical, and believe I will into Eternity. 🙂

  3. Ugh, that’s a tough battle. I also used to be able to eat whatever and still be skinny as a stick. Now I count calories and weigh myself every morning to keep things under control. The one time I went on a diet I quickly learned to appreciate how difficult it is. Just tolerating hunger for a few weeks was a huge challenge.

    It is a challenge, Spark, but unlike me, you seem to be winning. 🙂 I’m not giving up, but my body does nothing to help. We’ll see. Time will show if any effort pays off. Happy Sunday!

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