Breaking Chains

3 thoughts on “Breaking Chains”

  1. I think this can really help you – free you from that restriction of writing A-Z. It’s okay to write the next scene in your mind, even if it’s not the next scene in the story. You can do this! LTY

    Thanks, Love! I think it will help too…IF I can make myself do it. It’s just hard for someone built the way I am to get my thinking to be that way. I don’t like doing things scatter shot, so this will be tough. But I’m willing to try it.

    Know, however, that I could do nothing without your unwavering support and love. Nothing.

  2. Reblogged this on Angie Mc's Reblog Love and commented:
    Thorough and thoughtful post on the challenge of marrying the linear and creative parts of writing, and I would add, life. Limiting ourselves to one or the other is poison. Dane writes, “I’m a linear person. I’m process-oriented. I want the instructions, step by step, from A to Z. I want to start at the beginning – a very good place to start – and go through to the end. Or to completion. Or to result. I want to go from the first step to the final step, in order, and achieve desired result. As a writer, that’s poison.”

  3. Interesting! This approach is only possible thanks to computers. At least, I can’t picture how it would have worked in longhand or on a typewriter.

    True dat, Spark. I think the modern age – which is now about 25 years old or so – has made a lot of things possible for writers which were difficult or impossible before. (People did this before though. There have always been writers who didn’t work with an outline. The rule used to be, more than 10 corrections on a type written page meant it had to be retyped.)

    I just finished reading a non-fiction book that describes, in detail, a naval battle in WW2. (The battle of Samar, October 1944) It was interesting to see how the author managed to describe many events which were happening simultaneously, perforce in a linear manner. He did a good job of it.

    And non-fiction is a bit different; sometimes lineally is the only way to lay something out, especially when one concept must build on another. It is interesting to see someone do it well!

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