3 thoughts on “Success!”

  1. I think, so far so good. You’ve pumped out 8k words in a weekend, and yes, that’s a great word count. Especially considering how long it’s been since you’ve written anything fiction at all.

    Okay, good! I was hopeful 8K in a weekend was decent for me. But I know this is “new and shiny” right now, and I don’t want to hang too many hopes on it only to fall flat next time. Maybe being a cyclical writer is going to mean cycling through all the different methods I’ve learned until I get things done.

    This method seems to really be suiting you, and like we were talking last night, I do believe that the more tools in your toolbox, the better. You don’t have to use every one with every story, but … it’s better to have it and not need it … . 😀 LTY!

    ABSOLUTELY! Yes, this does seem to be suiting me well. And you’re dead-on with the statement about having and not needing, too. LOL! Once again, that old adage proves itself out!

    I may NEVER use ALL the things I’ve learned – I just don’t know if Dramatica’s going to work for me at this point – but knowing more tricks to overcome stagnation is certainly better than knowing fewer. And right now, this one seems to make me happier than I’ve been at writing in a long while. It’s just painful to admit I’m a “pantser” after all the decrying of “pantsing” I’ve done. LOL!


    1. You know what you’ve hated about pantsing? The total lack of foresight, the constant revisions, and the notion that you have to wait for some mercurial muse to get things going. None of those things really apply with this method, so while it may seem like pantsing to some, it’s really not by the seat of your pants. 😀 LTY!

      Well, no, it *is* writing off the cuff, by the pants seat, because part of the method is to make sure you don’t know where it’s going anymore than the reader. What it comes down to is, I was wrong. The elimination of the re-drafting (and re-drafting, over and over) is a LOVE point for me, though – too true on that!


  2. Nice! This definitely sounds promising.

    It has been! It’s working great!

    I know that when you talk about “pantsing” you mean flying by the seat of your pants, but it’s hard for my brain to adjust to that. I’ve always heard it used to indicate running up behind someone (usually a kid doing this to another kid) and yanking their pants down. Kind of a different concept!

    Hahaha! Yes, that’s right! I’ll have to stop “pantsing” after all, I guess! Thanks for the refresher, Spark! I nearly forgot about that usage!

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