Still Slogging

2 thoughts on “Still Slogging”

  1. Your prose is still tight, Love. Don’t be so judgy on your bad self. 😉 LTY!

    Thanks, Love, but it’s not as tight as it used to be, and that’s problematic.

    Seriously, you look at your work through the harshest lens imaginable, and that’s not fair. Plus, back then you were kind of writing to word count, especially on the flash fiction, so you weren’t able to use your own writerly voice as much as you might have had word count not been an issue.

    No, Babe, I look at through the same lenses as always, and I don’t have an issue being honest about it. I need practice, and this book will go a long way toward it, but I need to keep striving. And, I never wrote to word count. I told the story, and with flash fiction, it was struggling to REDUCE word count, not pad it.

    PS – that picture … I know that picture, lol. 😀 Pretty Punkin trying to make a centerpiece for mommy.

    Yeah, it was in my media store so I thought I’d put it up again. It’s epic. 🙂 (I take pretty doggone good pics sometimes!)

  2. I know all about having a job that sucks up all one’s inner resources. I certainly don’t have much left over for a hobby of any substance at the end of the day. I guess you could call my window garden my hobby, although it doesn’t take much time or effort. That’s why it works well for me!

    I can commiserate with you, Spark. I hope things get better for you – and I’m very glad you found a relaxing, undemanding way to spend some free time. I think it’s essential. 🙂

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