Closing In

6 thoughts on “Closing In”

  1. Yes, I have thoughts on that, and yes, you should (also) be posting these on your author blog, or putting a link here to your author posts.

    I think you’ve been going great on this and I’m so happy to see you so happy with this whole process. I can’t wait to see what happens at the ending of this book!

    Love you madly!

    Okay, Lovest, I put some sort of summary on the author blog. Hope you like it. Maybe I’ll do updates in both places going forward? Not sure how I can do that, though, and can’t use Live Writer for it (for obvious reasons).

    Love you desperately!

    1. Well, not sure how you’d do one WP post to another WP, but I do know how you can connect your FB page to your WP blog. Wait! I did find a potential recipe! But, you will need to make an IFTTT account.

      Not sure I can do that either. It’s gonna be tough because so many of the blog themes want pictures to accompany posts now. The email post thing won’t set a featured image, right? Otherwise I can use that.

      Love you more!

      Ha! A laughable notion. 😉

      1. No, I’m not seeing featured images in post-to-email, but it does look like you can add images in general.

        Eh, honestly, it’s probably easier just to post it one place, copy and paste it to the other, and be done. I can even use the same pic for both, I guess.

        I was talking about something else, similar to what I’ve done with my WP to Blogger thing.

        Yeah, I’d have to see, but what *I* meant was, I don’t even know if IFTTT or whatever is allowed here. Might be blocked, like Facebook or Twitter.

        Yes, it *is* laughable if you think you could possibly love me more than I love you.

        The laughability of believing you’re able to love me more is laughably laughable. Ha.

  2. LOL at Shawn’s comment. 😀

    I interviewed a woman recently who was trying to get back into the working world after having taken a few years “off” to write a YA novel. She wasn’t fully off, but she was working as a cleaning lady, which I guess gave her the flexibility to write as she wished to. She had a hard time getting back into the field she was in originally. So, tough as it is to write after work, it is the best way. Don’t even think of giving that job up to become a Molly Maid!

    Good advice, Spark, but nope, not thinking about walking away from a steady income for something I’ve not earned enough to buy a cup of coffee on yet. But I did make about $10K in tech writing. Hm. Only have to do that seven or eight times and voila. 😉

    (Oh, and for the record, I was helping a colleague with less interviewing experience, and she did end up hiring this woman.)

    Good to know. Thanks Spark. 🙂 Happy remaining Pre-Monday!

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