Closing In…Still…

2 thoughts on “Closing In…Still…”

  1. You know that feeling you get when you’re reading a really good book and you can’t put it down and you can’t read fast enough to see what happens? That one? That’s how I feel. I love this book you’re working on. 🙂 And I’m so happy for whatever write time you get.


    You’re too good for words, Love. I can’t do any of what I’ve done without you by my side, holding me up, keeping the world steady. The only thing that seems to work at all is you. 😉

    I’m grateful to you, because you’re the reason I get ANY write time, at all, ever. I would probably have not started down this path again if not for you, my Constant First Reader.

    I’m so, so happy you enjoy the story so far. And I hope someday I’ll actually believe you when you tell me that. LOL!


  2. Almost there! Baby steps. I’m all for taking downtime on the weekend. Sometimes doing nothing is just the right thing to do.

    You’re so right, Spark! And while I wouldn’t normally protest baby steps, this time they feel forced on me by circumstance. But rest…how do you argue with rest? 🙂

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