Updates and Such

2 thoughts on “Updates and Such”

  1. So far so good with the OneDrive thing. I was reading on my tablet at lunch. 🙂

    Cool! I’m so glad to hear that, Babe. I’ll try doing a write-up on it tomorrow. This would benefit LOTS of readers, AND with Office Online you can maybe have a collaborative document going.

  2. It is indeed a fact that you can only read something for the first time once. The effect of subsequent readings is never quite the same. I very rarely to never re-read books because I get so much enjoyment from the factor of reading into the unknown. I recently re-read a book just to try out the experience, and it wasn’t especially enjoyable, although I dutifully re-read all the way through to the last page so I could say that I did.

    Great experiment. My wife says she retains little about books and movies later, but I think the evocation of emotion, should it be there the first time, won’t be duplicated in subsequent readings. Thanks for the empirical affirmation of the theory! Hope you’re feeling much better, too!

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