Weird-iversary and Tangled Web Weavings

2 thoughts on “Weird-iversary and Tangled Web Weavings”

  1. Huh. We started the new blogs in 2013, when Google Reader passed away, so it’s totally weird that you got a 5yr anniversary notice.

    Yes, it is weird. I guess 2013 is when I changed the name? Started this one? Weird, ’cause it feels much longer.

    I think, for starters, on your author blog, to use the domain mapping thing that WP offers, just to secure the name. Eventually you can look into moving to .org when you’re ready. Upgrading to a WP package will essentially get you the video and audio and space upgrades, and I don’t think those are the things you’re looking for, so map the domain first, then later we can move to self-hosted and take it from there. Well, that’s my $.02. 🙂 LTY!

    Maybe. Good thoughts Love. The upgrades to space for audio and video certainly don’t give me what I want. No need for that stuff, so the name? Maybe. I think self-hosting’s the only way we’re going to get what we want from the site, though–sell books. 🙂


  2. I just come over here to hang out with you because you’re nice, and fun too. I personally don’t feel the need for anything more from your website… but I’m sure there’s an audience waiting for you out there. You just need to find each other.

    Oh, thanks Spark! I feel that way about you, too! You’ve been a great Internet friend. 🙂 I’m glad you keep coming around, and I hope you continue to find things you like to read. 🙂

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