Getting Called Out

4 thoughts on “Getting Called Out”

  1. For all the creative brain’s genius, sometimes it still might need a little bitch-slap to show it who’s in charge. 😉 LTY!

    Well, I don’t know about that, but I think certainly I have to force myself into writing sometimes. I’d also be interested to see whether I can “write to demand” and “on demand” as well. We’ll find out I guess.

  2. How certain are you that the book you just finished can’t be the first actually released? Is there anything that will simply not make sense at all? Sure the first book events are part of your characters’ history, but they already had a history before the events of that story.

    Even if every reference in the “second” book isn’t explained, I think it’d just add to the idea that your series exists in a real, lived-in story world.

    Thanks for that, Bryce, I appreciate the encouragement. If you want a sneak peak, let me know. I can shoot a copy your way if you’d like. I’ll even save it as an .odt file for you. 😉

    But I’m fairly sure, based on reader feedback, this can’t be the first book. The first released, maybe, but there are a few things that won’t make sense. And one reader unfamiliar with the story world had some pointed questions about it. So there’s that.

    Still, you pique my curiosity. Thanks!

  3. Maybe you’ve bumped into the mystery of God’s perfect timing? Unfolding? It just sounds like you are working so hard! Rooting for you.

    Thanks so much, Angie. 🙂 It’s not as hard as it seems. I think I’m just spinning my wheels. 🙂 Hope you and all you love are well.

  4. Starting is the hardest part. First just sit down. Then write one word. Then write another word. If you can write three words, you’re off to the races. Seriously, try it!

    You know, you’re right. 🙂 Thanks Spark!

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