Not as Bad as it Seemed

2 thoughts on “Not as Bad as it Seemed”

  1. What a busy morning! Seems like a lot of the busy-ness you expected last week waited until this morning to tackle you.

    Well, not all of it. J was a little surprised how slow it was too, when she found out, but it was the holiday weekend. I’d bet it’s slow again today, and will pick up going forward.

    Of course I will be praying. Me and the kids will be. I know how nerve wracking this is for you.

    Thanks to all. It IS nerve-wracking, but needn’t be today. I still hit the middle-of-the-road mark they want us to hit before we get slapped with a PIP. I hope. (So yeah, prayer. 🙂 )


  2. You have been very gentlemanly in your handling of the situation. I applaud you. I also wouldn’t blame you for throwing her under the bus if it were to happen a second time.

    Thanks Spark. Coming from someone as skilled in people handling as you are, that’s a genuine compliment. I really appreciate it. 🙂

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