Dear Author…

2 thoughts on “Dear Author…”

  1. Sounds like she’s still really young. Hopefully she’ll get the lessons before more heartbreaks ensues.

    Eh…not too sure about “young.” Relative to us, maybe. But she’s got nerve, at any age, saying someone else’s work isn’t interesting while she’s stacking up rejections.

    Now, knowing God, He’s going to make her the next mega-star ala Stephenie Meyers and she’s going to point and laugh at me all the way to the bank while her point-hat-pointy-ear-dwarfy fantasy novel wins a frickin’ Pulitzer and sells 6 gazillion copies.

    Nice rant, Babe. 🙂

    Thanks. I try. 🙂

  2. Rejections are a part & parcel of a writer’s life. The reality is how you deal with them. Do you get hoisted by your own petard while moaning & groaning about wrong they are and how good you are? Or, do you get up, dust yourself off, and work on creating a product that will eventually prove the naysayers wrong?

    Ultimately, the choice is up to you: toddler, or adult.

    Thanks for stopping by, G.B. Mostly I agree; but I also think writers shouldn’t judge other writers, especially those more proven, establish, or having accomplished what the whiner is an aspirant to. That’s what I saw in this case: an aspirant passing judgment on the work of someone who is an actual published author. Just my $.02.

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