Fine. Have It Your Way.

4 thoughts on “Fine. Have It Your Way.”

  1. Yay!! I knew you’d figure out a way to get it done! 😀 LTY

    Thanks, Love! And of course, no sooner do I get that solved, that a new, huge challenge is coming my way, involving the entire intranet site that I maintain… 😦

  2. “It was an easy fix to implement, but it was harder than the dickens to get to the answer.”

    In my life, this is the way of all things.

    Yeah, I guess it’s the story of my life too, Bryce. Hope you’re doing well and finding a moment or two to write, if you want it.

  3. I have started back up writing. Mostly snippets of stories I hope to someday put down in full. I really need to finish up at least one of my mostly done stories.

    I guess it’s all about how serious you are, and how much you’re willing to give up for it. I know when the kids were little, no matter how serious about it I said I was, spending time with them took precedence over almost everything. Best of luck.

  4. Amazing! BTW I have a snotty answer to the question “Why did it have to be the LAST thing I tried that worked?” That answer is: because if you kept trying things after you had a solution, you would be insane, so by definition your solution will always be the last thing you try. 😉

    I love it! And, I used to use that line quite a lot! I got it from a comedian about 30 years ago, who actually said it about finding a lost item, like keys. “I know when I find it, it’s going to be in the last place I look.” Who finds it and keeps on looking? LOL! Thanks for that refresher!

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