Another Step Forward

3 thoughts on “Another Step Forward”

  1. Actually, the idea of western horror really suits you. Maybe that, and the Scales series under the same pen name, since the Scales character is kind of western – it would all fit, I think. 🙂

    That would mean yanking Scales to rebrand, of course. Not impossible, but is it unfair to the people who’ve already downloaded it? Paid for or otherwise? And that would provide me the excuse I need to redo that doggone vexing ending. Big decisions, and it would shorten my backlist by one too.

    1. I think if you update it on Amazon, everyone who’s already purchased it will get the updates automatically.

      There are LOTS of hoops we have to jump through to do that. It’s not a magical thing; we have to ask Amazon’s folks to do it, and then tell them WHY. I don’t know what all the rules are, though.

  2. Oh, I totally agree that you did a great job of cleaning up your work before you sent it to your pro editor. By which I mean “we” did a great job. By which I mean “I” did a great job… 😉

    Hahaha! Touche, Spark, touche! Well said!

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