Patient Writing

2 thoughts on “Patient Writing”

  1. I think, when you have BIC time, you just write, almost by necessity. I wish there was some way you could add words to a manuscript like you can to a blog. Hey! Maybe if you wrote toward a manuscript on your blog, but then just saved them as drafts instead of publishing, they’d still be there when you got home and could take that “running start” at it. Then it would just be a matter of c/p that day’s words into your manuscript.

    Eh, just an idea.

    Actually, that’s really awesome, love. I think the problem is, I won’t be able to do both. And if I get caught up in a project I won’t be able to stop. I know you’re right about the blogging though. I need to quit doing it at work. It’s dangerous and a bad habit.

    But remember I wrote GH almost entirely on a blog or dA posts. I did just what you suggested above and it worked just fine. Maybe you’re onto something there. It’s quite a GOOD idear, Miradar. 😉


  2. Goodness, that seems like a tall order. I never thought of novels as being the sort of thing one can mass produce. Even 5 or 6 is a lot. We can’t all be James Patterson, right? Then again, maybe it can’t hurt to try…

    Actually, Patterson isn’t Patterson a lot of the time. He’s allowed a lot of people who aren’t him to use his name for shared sales/profits/advances, yada yada. Interesting racket he’s got going. 🙂

    BTW, where you said “bullocks”, I’m pretty sure you meant “bollocks”. 🙂

    HAHAHAHA! Well, there I go. Serves me right for using words I don’t know the meaning to. I’ll get up there and edit ASAP. You’d think a tech guy would Google stuff, wouldn’t ya? 🙂

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