Back on the Horse

2 thoughts on “Back on the Horse”

  1. I know all about not being able to take a proper day off. When I was “off sick” three days last week, I actually worked a total of 8 hours over the three days via remote access and phone calls. Fortunately I am able to submit for my sick time by the hour rather than by the day, so I just used two vacation days and got paid for the 8 hours I worked. That makes it bearable.

    Yeah, I suppose that would. I’m not alone, though – my boss and our Customer Service Manager all have to be pretty available during vacations and “sick” days. It’s annoying, but customers don’t care if you’re out or not, and business keeps pushing forward, so I guess this is pretty normal. I just can’t get to the “oh well” of it – acceptance of this as normal isn’t coming easily.

    Like I always tell Ken when I’m worried about his health: “Eat a vegetable!”

    LOL! Well, I’ll eat some bacon and see how that goes. 🙂

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