Weekend Catch Up

3 thoughts on “Weekend Catch Up”

  1. Yay for things being nice when you got back! AND for the break on the Really Hard Macro. πŸ™‚ That makes me happy, too, because when you’re happy, I’m happy. LTY!

    Yeah, it’s too bad I’ll have to continue with TRHM, but at least I’ve got a reprieve until after Thanksgiving! LTY2!

  2. I spent this past weekend chipping away at a short story trilogy for Amazon. Fortunately for me, two of the three stories were previously published, so no tweaking was needed. It’s the third that needs a total rewrite (changing p.o.v. from a mixture of 3rd/1st to just first/present). Other than that, just trying to get back on my feet from an earlier stomach bug.

    Good luck on those stories, G.B. I hope they sell like hotcakes. And hope you’re feeling better now , and have a happy and blessed Thanksgiving!

  3. Yes, I know the feeling of being shocked by a quiet day at work. It’s like, whoa, did I wake up in an alternate universe or something?

    Hahaha! Well said! Yes indeed. That’s exactly how I feel. πŸ™‚

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