Getting Warmer

2 thoughts on “Getting Warmer”

  1. Yay for seeing new scenes! Well, except for that one you told me about, but as for all the others, yay! Now, to write! 😀 LTY

    Well, I’m not a fan of killing the series, but it’s a good scene, isn’t it? Or is it not? Hm. Maybe I’m not communicating it with the power and drama I see. I wonder if I fall down that way when I write, too?

    Anyway, thanks Love. Yes, when it’s ready, we write. 🙂

  2. I hope you feel all better real quick! I spent the evening with some people who were just on the tail end of their colds last night, so I’ll know in a few days whether or not I am going to catch it.

    Thanks, Spark. I hope you don’t! The one going around here is nasty in how tenacious it is. It’s not severe, but it’s clingy. I don’t like clingy colds. 😉

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