Black Friday

3 thoughts on “Black Friday”

  1. I wish him all the best. Maybe he’ll have time to sort out whatever problem it was that prevented him from pulling his socks up despite all the warnings.

    I wish him so too, Spark. I think the problem is, for this job, he may not have been ABLE to pull up his socks. They might have been all the way up for him. Which won’t bode well for the future. 😦

  2. It’s always tough when someone has to be let go (sadly, it’s easier to do this in the private sector than the public sector). The only possible silver lining to this, is that it happened after the holidays.

    That’s true enough, G.B., and something my wife and I talked about when this happened.

    My job recently, due to my state drowning in red ink, laid off roughly one durational employees two weeks prior to the Christmas holiday. Can’t tell you how many phone calls I took from those people (I do the payroll for the facility they were working at) that basically became a one sided conversation. Seriously depressing.

    I can only imagine. I’ve been on that end too – let go right before the holidays. Yay.

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