Jackrabbit Redux

4 thoughts on “Jackrabbit Redux”

  1. I’m so sorry Love. Sorry for those who lost their jobs, and sorry that you feel as you do. It’s not a fun place to be, I know, and I’m right there with you in the rabbit-hole. I was going to say foxhole but that seemed contrary. Although I suppose as a war-time phrase it’s appropriate. It feels like a battle zone, and we’re all just trying to keep our heads down and our backs covered. LTY

    Thanks, Love. It’s nice to have you there in the hole, whatever hole it may be, with me. I just can’t shake the shakes, if you know what I mean. And I can’t get what those folks are feeling out of my head. *Sigh*

  2. Far be it from me to criticize the corporate sector. Usually I defend it.
    The following happened in Canada in the current week. Rogers, one of Canada’s largest communications companies, laid off 4% of it’s work force, mailed out letters describing how their prices will be increasing and announced a year-end profit of 1.4 billion dollars.

    Takes gall, don’t it? Same thing in the oil industry; they announce historic highs in profits and gouge us for more than $3/gal at the pump at the time. Things are balancing out now, but it’s a nasty thing. Rogers, if there’s justice, will have a comeuppance soon.

    If it wasn’t so difficult and time consuming for me to change my television service and cellular phone service providers (both divisions of Rogers) I would go to the competition. Of course then that competition would do the exact same thing as Rogers as Canada hasn’t much competition in any federally regulated industries.

    I hear you. It’s too bad really; there just isn’t much help for regular people in those cases.

  3. Oh boy. I feel you on this one, brother. I am feeling much the same way at my workplace. I mean, if the place doesn’t totally fall to pieces I’ll probably be able to stick around, but right now nothing is guaranteed.

    I’m sorry it’s so uneasy, Spark. I hope it gets better – for both of us – PDQ. Hang in.

  4. The public sector isn’t immune to this kind of nonsense either. We have basically a one party system in my state who are so unable to see a tree in the middle of a field of wildflowers that their idea of balancing the budget is to cut social services and ask for yet more concessions from its employees (as opposed to practicing fiscal sanity). I’ve been on the receiving end of what some of your co-workers are going through. It does bite indeed.

    Sure does, G.B. Sure does.

    I hope for your piece of mind that you’re doing some serious job hunting. It’s always better to be pro-active as opposed to being a sitting duck (or jack rabbit).

    Something to think about for sure. I certainly will consider brushing the resume up. But there aren’t a lot of jobs out there right now, and at my age, it’s really hard to compete with younger guys who can take a lower salary and are probably more current with technology. *Sigh*

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