Looking Up?

3 thoughts on “Looking Up?”

  1. I wonder if you told yourself you “can’t” write, if that would make you feel more like you wanted to write. Sometimes, the very act of setting something as a goal makes it feel like a chore, instead of play. Perhaps some reverse psychology might work. 🙂 LTY!

    Heh, you never know, right? 🙂

  2. It’s good that you’re called upon to fill in for lots of different people when they’re away; it makes you more indispensable. (And exhausted, I suppose, but that’s the price of job security these days.) :-p

    I guess so, Spark, but it’s still major BS. I guess this isn’t worse than any other job where I got hired to do one thing and ended up doing another, but it feels like a dirty trick, frankly. :\

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