Watching the World End

3 thoughts on “Watching the World End”

  1. I’ve been spending too much timing gaming recently as well.
    I found a digital version of one of my all time favourite board games, Talisman. It has online play so I bought a gift copy for my brother who has yet to install it. (What’s he waiting for? He’s unemployed.) But the game also has bots to play against.

    Nice! I think I’ve heard of that one, but haven’t ever played it.

    I have the board game, but it takes up a lot of table space and it’s funner with opponents as opposed to me controlling all players. This computer version gives me opponents. yeah.

    That’s always more fun. I think it’s like chess; too weird without AI opponents.

  2. I have had some of my coziest hang-out moments while watching friends play video games, so I can relate. I do believe that your priorities are in order, sir. 🙂

    Well, thank you, ma’am. I appreciate the encouragement! 🙂 I do want to get back to writing, though.

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