Video Game Stories

4 thoughts on “Video Game Stories”

  1. The stories are pretty interesting I really enjoyed the ME story, too, and I liked the characters. I miss them, in a weird way, same as TLoU characters, too.

    Yes, I miss them all – Shepard, Liara, Garrus, heck, even Joker, and Joel and Ellie are unforgettable of course. I miss them too.

    But fan-fic – you don’t think Sterling kind of started out as fan-fic in a way? Hmm.

    Oh, you know what? I sort of forgot about that! But I bet it’s not the fan-fic you’re thinking it is. But yeah, I guess it was! LOL! No wonder I didn’t want to write it! HA!



  2. I think Homefront had the ability to tell an interesting story but it went into a new direction that strayed too far from the original story too often.

    Too bad; I just read the Wikipedia article on Homefront. Sounds like it could have been very intense.

    I really liked Wolfenstein: the New Order except for the secret Jewish technology angle. It wasn’t explained well.

    That’s very interesting. Alternate reality?

    In the end, I must always resort back to Doom. Demons from Hell have invaded a human colony on Mars and you’re the only one who can stop them. Doom 3’s multi-platform of story-telling devices keeps it from the monotony of cut-scene action cut-scene action that is far too commonplace with contemporary games.

    What devices did it use? I like cut scenes, and I suppose I don’t play enough games to get tired of them. I liked Mass Effect for the way it had action interspersed in the story line, and all of that based on where you choose to go or what you choose to do as the player. Sort of neat.

    1. Wolfenstein NO is the alternate reality of “What if Germany won WWII?” Answer: Nazis on the Moon.

      That sounds interesting. And like a spoof movie – Iron Moon, maybe?

      In Doom 3, other than just cut scenes, the player finds video recordings, audio recordings and emails left behind by other characters. The audio recordings slow down the gameplay and let the Doom-yness sink in. Not to give away everything but, ( you know the game is over ten years old now) the player finds ever increasing amounts of insanity and fear on Mars. Played the game many times over and it still gives me the creeps.

      Yeah, I’ve heard about Doom‘s legendary horror elements. The first Resident Evil for PS1 was that way too. Very creepy until the very end, when it sort of went off the rails.

  3. I’ve never played a video game that had a plot, per se, but I’m intrigued by the idea. I listened to a podcast recently that discussed games that played more like an interactive novel than a hand-eye-coordination challenge. There’s a lot of potential there!

    I agree, Spark! And we actually have one, though my son didn’t play it as much because it was more story-driven than action-driven. He’s a shooter-gamer, no two ways, but the way these games come alive on-screen is pretty amazing. PC games even moreso, methinks. 🙂

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