Weird Dreams and Other Junk

4 thoughts on “Weird Dreams and Other Junk”

  1. Interesting that you say part of the fun is to rage at the game. I have a friend who spends a lot of her free time playing Bingo, despite the fact that it seems to drive her crazy. You should hear her talking smack about the caller under her breath. The air turns blue! I have never understood why she keeps showing up if it frustrates her so much, but maybe that’s part of the fun for her.

    I’d almost bet that’s the case, Spark. And in fact, everyone knows you can’t do either good car repairs or woodworking without a healthy dose of blue-streaking. 🙂 So there you go!

  2. I wonder if the dreams are your brain’s way of encouraging you to maybe step outside your writerly comfort zone. Maybe something in the sci-fi realm, perhaps? Clearly the game’s story has you engaged, so maybe run with that. 🙂 LTY!

    Oh, you know, I hadn’t even thought of that. And you know I LOVE me some SF. But there’s a whole thing to writing it, so I’d have to have some education before trying it, I think. Particularly world building. Still…HM! 🙂 LTY2!

  3. Do you keep a notebook on the couch? Maybe in those “please wait, level loading” moments (or whatever pause is there), you could write a sentence on a new story. Not like a solution or a suggestion or anything, just something that popped into my head.

    This goes hand-in-hand with my wife’s suggestion of keeping a journal; of sorts. Seems like perhaps a great idea, with a lot of potential, and it certainly won’t HURT anything! Thanks, Sean!

  4. Personally, I have no problems tapping into dream land for story ideas (my first book sprung from such a dream). And, I have pretty the same problem as you when it comes to writing. Work sucks the life out of me, so my writing is back down to just the weekends. I did take a writing vacation last week and I was able to churn out quite a bit of words. In regards to your not really liking a story, I hear you on that. Perhaps maybe should try what I’m doing, which is to take an old completed story from your slush pile and rewrite it. If anything, you’ll have an instant outline to work from (which is what I’m doing with my current project).

    Hey, G.B., good to see you again! Good thoughts here. I’m not sure if I’ve fallen out of love with the story now that the setup is done, or if I just never had a clear idea of the events. None of what Holly Lisle calls “candy bar scenes” – those scenes you see clearly and know will be in the story, so you write to them. Maybe I just don’t have any of those clearly defined. Or maybe I’m letting critical voice in without realizing it.

    About reworking an old story – I’ve tried that (several times) with one story I love but can’t seem to get through. Maybe it’s worth a new shot. Thanks!

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