I’d be a Jerk Boss

4 thoughts on “I’d be a Jerk Boss”

  1. Well, yeah, you have to allow some leeway because she’s new – even though she was a temp before she’s a new permanent hire. But the CSM should probably have a little chat with her, lay down some guidelines. I’m surprised this wasn’t done when she was a temp, though.

    Ah, but aside from the chatting, she didn’t behave this way as a temp. This is why we all wanted her back, you see.

    And you raised some interesting speculation about how she was the one catching the other guy’s mistakes. Yes, that one definitely makes you go “hmm.”

    Our management team identified his errors prior to her coming onboard. We wanted her to help stop the bleeding. When it became obvious he couldn’t stop making them, he was warned. Then terminated. It was problem before she came on, in other words.



  2. I often wonder about work/non-work. Standing around idling chatting doesn’t get the work done, but then do those moments make for a more interesting and engaging workplace? A place where when the work is getting done it’s getting done more effectively than when there are whips in place. NOT to say that’s the case in this situation, but I’ve been in many workplaces where it was… and in some workplaces that involved metaphorical whips which made for unpleasant places to work and never get the best from me, and eventually saw my resignation letter.

    You’re right, Sean, which is why I sort of think I’m being a jerk and would be “one of those” bosses if I were a boss. I don’t work constantly during the time I’m at work either, and I take more than just my allotted time for lunch and breaks apart from the actual doing of work. So I stand in sort of a judgmental position and it feels weird. On the other hand, I get here an hour before my shift (voluntarily), I work past my end time daily (again, no one’s forcing me to), and I’ve done a lot on weekends and even holidays and vacation time when needed. Atop all that poo-poo, I’m a salaried member of this group’s leadership team, so I should be setting an example instead of grousing. *Sigh* Still, I think being a live human in the workplace, and not a drone, has limits too. (Or, y’know…I’m a jerk. 🙂 ) Thanks for coming by!

  3. I don’t believe that you would be a jerk boss. You’ve only gotten so irritated by this situation because you don’t have much power to address it. If you were actually in charge, you would have spoken gently but firmly to this lady a long time ago (and then more firmly again if the polite approach didn’t work), and she would either have mended her ways or you’d be in the process of documenting the disciplinary process in her employee file so that she was on the path to termination. You would have explained the situation clearly to her, and it would be entirely up to her whether or not she wanted to keep her job and your respect. It wouldn’t be any fun, for sure, to have to deal with this, but it would be a very different experience from dealing with it as a co-worker.

    Wow, Spark, as always you shine a BRIGHT and HOPEFUL spotlight on the situation in a clear, and extremely concise, manner. Thank you for this shot in the arm of both confidence and identification for the frustration. It’s also not just this person, though, which is why I thought that I’d be a jerk boss. I feel this way about the ATR Coordinator, too, but the reasons might be the same for why. THANK YOU!

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