3 thoughts on “Frustration”

  1. First of all, you don’t suck at life. Stop that.


    Secondly, I see you focused on all the peripherals of writing and stressing about them. It almost sounds like you are giving them a status equal to or greater than the writing itself, and you are making them important. Probably too important, truth be told. People remember stories, not so much book covers, blurbs, or formatting. You’re not really thinking about writing at all, you’re thinking about the work of publishing, which is a totally different monster. Write first. Don’t think about the publishing until it’s time to publish.

    No no…you’re misunderstanding. There’s a lot to do for one person trying to do everything is my point. A lot of the “successful” authors you’ll find on Kindle or places like that actually have people who do things for them. They write, then they fix whatever the editor (*snork!*) finds, then they hire the cover artist, then they write the blurb, or have someone else do it, yada yada…you get it. I was just pointing out for one person with a full-time job, doing everything is tough. I want this to be full-time and then I can address all these things the way they should be addressed. That’s all. 🙂

    Lastly, if this particular story is frustrating, it might be time to put it back in the oven and let it cook a little longer, and work on something else in the meantime. I know you balk at doing that, but if you tried it, it might work for you.

    Don’t think I’m not thinking about it. I mean, I re-read “Sharkey” today and have THAT story back in my head now, so…

    Just my $.02! Love you madly!


  2. I like what Vanessa says there: “the work of publishing [] is a totally different monster.” DWS mentions an 80:10:10 split. Ten percent of your writing time on formatting, etc., ten percent on promotion, eighty percent on more writing. So, if you’ve got a couple of hours for the week, that about 96 minutes writing, 12 minutes formatting, 12 minutes on promotion. With practice, you can format a story into an ebook in 12 minutes (formatting done). With practice, you can write a blurb in 12 minutes (promotion done). That’s just for that two hour block. I figure it’d be a pretty short story if you wrote it in an hour and a half. So actually you take a few blocks over a story (or a whole lot more over a novel), and still have that ten percent/ten percent to work on more formatting and promotion. :-), like she said, just my $.02.

    It’s worth a lot more than that to me, Sean. 🙂

    I think I work better in unbroken blocks of time. If I have about five hours Monday through Friday to write, then I can spend about ten or twelve over the weekend doing it too. Most times, I have little in the way of plans. (This spring might be different because I’m so incredibly sick of the winter this year for some reason.) That provides, on the low end, about fifteen hours each week. I think I like the idea of writing through the weeknights – just words, nothing else – and then setting aside the 10:10 portion for the weekends. I’ll need breaks from just sitting in the writing chair, so this would be a benefit and change of venue.

    Something to try at least! (Promotion…*shudder!*)

  3. It is possible to find a good formatter for your books. I found one through Smashwords and I use her to format both types e-books and print. Prices range from $50 for e-books to minimum of $120 for print. Well worth the money.

    I know it’s easy to find good formatters, G.B.; and yes, they’re probably worth the money most times, though I’ve become pretty savvy with formatting my own ebooks over the last six years. The problem is, I can’t afford them, even if they’re worth the cost. Not having the funds to spare is the issue, and this becomes an even bigger problem if I start hitting my writing goals. Which, y’know…is laughable. 🙂

    In regards to writing, maybe if you give a shot at just doing something (like editing) for twenty minutes after work but before you crash, it might help jump start your writing. What did it for me was taking a short vaca in early February and all I did was write for the entire vaca. I made a concentrated effort and so far not only have I’ve found my mojo, but I’m enjoying the process again.

    That’s awesome. I can certainly try it. I think there are a few things I could do at least a couple times a week. I do have stuff I have to get done before dinner, and it’s usually after dinner that I crash, but I think your suggestions are really good. And the last vacation I took was supposed to be about writing, but…um…yeah. 😦

    Thank you for reading and the insights! I’m gonna give them a shot, along with some made by Vanessa and Sean. 🙂

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