Tough Day

2 thoughts on “Tough Day”

  1. Good grief, more phone issues?! It seems like it’ll never end. I’m sorry you’re having to deal with that. 😦

    Not “more” so much as “continuing” phone issues. We’re trying to migrate them to a new, portable platform, but the solution isn’t…well, let’s just say it’s not smooth.

    Love you madly and I’m so glad you liked the sandwich! 😀

    I did love it! Thank you so much for doing it! LTY2!

  2. I’ve run into that type of situation, where the things you wanted out of a provider aren’t actually covered in your contract. And no matter how much I try to get EVERYTHING in writing, there’s always something missed because who can think of everything in advance? *sigh* The take-home lesson is Never Trust the Sales Rep. They will always lie and say that everything is included, and they’re always full of poop.

    And the beat still goes on today, Spark. They didn’t get it done again, and now I have to do this yet another day. At least this time I have the time set in writing with their tech. *Sigh* But you’re right – it’s never gonna be like they say, is it?

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