It’s for You

6 thoughts on “It’s for You”

  1. Wow. Just, wow. What a load to carry! I think there comes a point where just one tiny little straw is the one that finally breaks the camel’s back, and your boss doesn’t seem to be aware of that, probably because it isn’t HIS back. *sigh* I wish I could help you in some way.

    I’ll be praying. LTY

    Thank you Love. I need all the prayers I can get. And I already have a bad back; it probably can’t carry as many straws as it used to. I need the strength of He Who made the back to get through it all.

  2. Taking people who thought they wouldn’t have to answer phone calls all day and make them answer phone calls all day makes those people resent the phone calls thus making the customer service suffer.

    Agreed, but we never got a choice. And our team’s been covering the phones for a while now, even before they dumped the receptionist. It fell to us last summer when the other business group just kept cutting hands and not replacing headcount. Not completely unexpected, but not welcome either.

    But for the time being, the bottom line will benefit and the stock will rise.

    Eh, this little division’s sales won’t impact our stock much. It’s not a big enough sliver of the pie.

    And I’m pretty sure this is how the pyramids were built.

    Yep. I believe so.

  3. OF COURSE you are going to be held responsible for that machine. Just, of course. That’s how it always works. 😛

    UGH, I know, you’re right, Spark. Just… 😦

  4. Not having someone man the front is very short-sighted. It gives the immediate impression that the business really doesn’t care about potential customers and/or visitors. We have that at my job (person who did got promoted to another division), in that certain clerical staff rotate manning the front for three hour shifts. A slightly better improvement than not manning, but still, it’s a poor image decision. And unlike the private sector, this position will never be filled and in fact, eliminated due to the red ink that our state bleeding.

    The entire lobby is going to be closed down and locked, G.B. It’s not like visitors won’t be expected. But now they’ll have to use a phone outside the lobby to call their party and have someone come let them it. Like you, I agree it’s a poor idea at best, and it’s NOT going to work. I’ve seen visitors who were expected sitting in the manned lobby because their party was tied up in a meeting, or forgot and went to lunch, or didn’t come in that day, or whatever. This is a disaster waiting to happen, and the same GM who made this decision is supposed to be supporting our efforts to make the customer experience better. *Eyeroll*

    1. That is correct. I am the entire IT department. And graphic design. And Software Development. And a property manager. To be fair though, my company is much, much smaller than yours.

      True, my company is a global company with a bunch of employees. But our business group is almost like an independent company operating on its own…unless, y’know, my boss puts us under the other business group. *Sigh*

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