Why I Hate DST

5 thoughts on “Why I Hate DST”

  1. Is it true that the state of Indiana does not employ DST? If so, maybe a move can be in the cards for the clan.

    Not anymore. Arizona now has the last bastion of un-moving clocks in the US.

    From my understanding of Indiana, all you really need to acclimatize yourself is:
    – a written declaration stating your love for college basketball
    – learn all the words to John Mellencamp’s Rain on the Scarecrow
    – figure out what the heck a ‘hooser’ is

    Actually, it’s “Hoosier” – as in, “Hoosier cabinet”. Other than that, with a little help from Google, I should be good to go. 🙂

    …but, like I said, Indiana’s fell in step with the other drones back in ’06. *Sigh*

  2. Goodness, it’s one of those things, those “unintended consequences” that are never thought about before a thing is implemented. Why can’t we just have one time, one standard time, for every time zone, that’s always the same? Why is that so hard? It used to be that way and the world functioned just fine, absolutely fine, without governments messing things up.

    Jet lag from getting up in the morning. It’s absolutely stupid. Just plain stupid. 😦

  3. Yeah. If someone wants to borrow an hour of my time for 6 months, I want them to pay INTEREST on it. We shouldn’t just get an extra hour of sleep when daylight savings time ends. It should be, like, an hour and a half!

    No doubt! And it’s not six months here in the US, Spark – it goes from March to November now!

  4. Bulgaria??? What kind of company outsources critical stuff like that to Bulgaria? I can understand a call center being outsourced to places like India (had contact with a very nice person from that continent when I was having computer issues) but something like that makes absolutely no sense.

    Apparently, Siemens is the kind of company that outsources that stuff to Bulgaria. Since Siemens is a German company, it’s actually not a big stretch. 🙂 And most of the contact I have with customer service representatives from the sub-continent is pleasant, but not always. And I still find that makes less sense than keeping the work at home, but I’m retro that way. Probably always will be. 🙂

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