I didn’t get a single thing accomplished that I wanted to accomplish over the weekend.

Well,that’s not completely true. I did level up in Destiny.

I suck at life, and I suck at chasing dreams.

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I’d be a Jerk Boss

My boss isn’t a jerk. He’s a nice guy, mostly. I’ve worked for jerk bosses, and he’s not one. But I’m thinking about a hypothetical situation, one which will probably never come to pass.

I’m thinking I would be a jerk boss everyone hates.

Here’s why.

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So what? I go silent for a couple of weeks and you, all you anonymous, non-commenting, random people who supposedly read my blog just…just vanish? Just disappear? Don’t come around anymore when I finally get to the keyboard?

Well. Here I am. Where are you? Hm?

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Strange Day

Lousy weather. Cold, windy, now snowing like the dickens. And I didn’t want to get out of bed this morning, at all.

But to make matters worse, I have an ATR Coordinator who thinks she can pass off her tasks to me because she feels too busy to address them.

Excuse me?

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Win Some, Lose Some

Well, I’m back to doing my own job again today. The CSM didn’t tag me for help with the order entry tasks today, so I was able to work on the programming task I had going on the other day.

But not everything is peaches and cream.

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And Back on the Hamster Wheel

I got tapped on the shoulder today to return to doing the order entry support crap I’ve been doing over the last few weeks at work. Apparently, the new person coming on board didn’t do as much to help us catch up as we thought. Disappointing, but not a surprise, entirely.

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Weird Dreams and Other Junk

Things are busy at work, and more stressful than I’d like. Things are less busy than I’d like at my writing desk, though, and that’s got me concerned. Well…somewhat, anyway.

Work worries me because it’s a bunch of stuff I’m not interested in doing. And I generally enjoy my job, and I’ve learned a lot doing it. A lot of what I’m seeing falls outside my scope, though, and it’s leaving me frustrated and unhappy.

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