Ha! Did I make ya jump?

‘Cause, y’know, my coming back and posting again is sort of unexpected, right?

It shouldn’t be, but it probably is.

Here’s what’s going on…ready?

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Why I Hate DST

Today, at 11 a.m. my time, I’m supposed to receive what should be – better be – the last call from the phone support provider contractor, to get our main switchboard changed over from a desktop computer to a laptop.

And I have no idea what time the agent will call.

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Inching Along

Over the last few weeks at work, I’ve been tackling revamping the look and feel of our web pages to bring them out of the 1990s and up to modern standards.

Right now, the most, or at least one of the most, popular and easy-to-implement look-and-feel design templates (called a “framework”) is Bootstrap, created by Twitter.

It has a ton of benefits for lazy people (like me), technically disabled people (like me), and people who want things to look good (like me). So, I chose that one.

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Tough Day

So far, today hasn’t been stellar for me. I got here and everything looked okay, except I realized one of my weekend routines – which I should have checked yesterday – didn’t work right. (Again. *Sigh*)

Then the phone support people wanted me to choke them all. They informed me of this by making things miserable and hard.

And it’s not noon yet where I live.

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So what? I go silent for a couple of weeks and you, all you anonymous, non-commenting, random people who supposedly read my blog just…just vanish? Just disappear? Don’t come around anymore when I finally get to the keyboard?

Well. Here I am. Where are you? Hm?

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